Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Field Trip!

This past weekend we had our annual field trip to Iquitos with students from the library.  The field trip was for students under 12 who had come to the library the most throughout the year.  We took 18 children from the jungle to Iquitos to visit the ACOBIA manatee reserve and the Quistococha Zoo.  The zoo also has a beach, so after lunch we played in the water until it was time to go.  I had a wonderful time, and I think the kids did too!!  Next month we have our field trip to Iquitos with the teenagers of the library, hopefully it will go as smoothly as this trip.  The only casualty we had was my camera!

Meeting the Manatees
Feeding the Baby Manatees

Petting the Manatees

The Kids with an Anaconda

Playing on a Vine

Getting Ready to go in the Water!


Playing with the Kids


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